All images copyright by caricature artist Steve Nyman and 2016

Oprah Winfrey Celebrity Caricature Art drawn by Caricature Artist Steve Nyman.

Oprah Winfrey has one of the top daytime tv shows and has her OWN network. She has helped politicians like Barack Obama become President. Oprah has appeared in the movie The Color Purple with Whoopie Goldberg. Caricature art quick sketches can be drawn in 5 minutes.  Celebrity Caricature Art are original one of a kind party entertainment. Trade show booth giveaway Idea for tradeshow traffic building, Hire a Caricature artist for creating party fun. Caricatures are a personalized gift idea.Party caricaturists drawings are fast and funny ART. Party sketch entertainment can add the unique fun to your party. Hiring a caricaturist to illustrate adds hilarity to any special event, party or trade show exhibit. Gift Caricatures from photos starting at $25.00, and Fast Turnaround. Caricatures by Steve Nyman and other great cartoon artists who draw portrait caricatures.Steve Nyman draws Caricatures of Famous People.