Songwriter & Poet


Leonard Cohen Caricature Art  drawn by Caricature Artist Steve Nyman.  First of all Leonard Cohen was born in 1934 and passed away in 2016.  In addition Leonard Cohen wrote hit songs like Hallelujah. He was born in Quebec, Canada. He did vocals, yet played guitar and played keyboards. Finally his producer was Phil Spector who also produced The Beatles.

The recent episode of SNL had the Hillary Clinton character played by Kate McKinnon singing Hallelujah. It was a noteworthy tribute to Leonard Cohen.

This Leonard Cohen Caricature Art is hand drawn and enhanced digitally.  I especially like to tweak the digital caricature in photoshop. Probably the most difficult people to draw are faces that aren’t smiling. Therefore drawing a face with a hat or beard makes the caricature come alive.

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