Dateline: April 3, 2011: Mucknpuckitt, Canada

THE CELEBRITY CARICATURIST sketch camera caught teen heart throb Justin Bieber attacked by a Beaver. On a walk through Mucknpuckitt’s 12 lakes region, a hungry Beaver attacked the Bieber. Leave it to Bieber to text a HELP message to his Twitter fans. The 12 lakes ambulance squad arrived at the scene moments later. Tina Bopper Head EMT said”It was tough getting an autograph from Bieber, since most of his fingers were missing”. “Being a Big Bieber fan I asked for the autograph anyway”. Bieber refused to comment on the brutal biting Beaver beast. The alleged Beaver was shot and killed by the Mucknpuckitt police. The taxidermy Beaver was later sold for $3000.00 on Ebay.