All images copyright by caricature artist Steve Nyman and 2016

Here is my caricature of John Travolta. Travolta became a super star on the little screen with his role of Vinny Barbarino on Welcome Back Kotter in the 1970’s. He made famous the phrase “Up your nose, with a rubber hose”.
My caricature of John Travolta has his twinkle in his squinty eyes, as well as his big grin. Travolta hit it big with the Disco craze in Saturday Night Fever. Another big movie role was starring in Grease. For many years Travolta’s career floundered untill Quentin Tranrantino gave him a stand out role in Pulp Fiction, that gave him a new career boost. Travolta is married to actress Kelly Preston, and has had a role in the Church of Scientology with buddy Tom Cruise. If you enjoyed my caricature of John Travolta, be sure to check out my other famous celebrity caricatures in my celebrity caricature gallery. I am always drawing new cartoon art to add to my site.