All images copyright by caricature artist Steve Nyman and 2016

This is my caricature of Howard Stern. Stern is a well known radio shock jock. Always in trouble with the FCC for crossing the line on over the air rules, Stern moved to Sirius/XM radio. The caricature of Howard Stern I did has his long curly hair bent nose and sunglasses. Stern is easy to caricature due to his funny facial features. Stern’s entourage includes sidekick Robin Quivers, Comedian Artie Lang, Comic writer Fred Norris, and Producer Gary Dell’Abate (BAA BAA BOOIE). When I have time I am going to draw another caricature of Howard Stern with greater detail, perhaps a digital caricature. Make sure you bookmark my page for new celebrity caricatures at my celebrity caricature gallery. I also provide gift caricatures from photos and live caricature art at parties and events.