The Comic strip art is a unique art form. Drawn mostly by hand it conveys a humorous situation in a simple way. Some cartoon drawings have ideas that are represented visually, so you can understand the story without even having to read.
This is how Mad’s cartoonist Sergio Aragones creates his hilarious pictures without a word being used. Some comic strips are collected and printed and published in comic books.
Comic book artists create these drawings for comics, cartoons and web comics.
Most newspaper comics are daily and Sunday and are color cartoon comics.
Monthly comics for sale such as Spiderman can be found also as online comics.
The humor of funny comics can sometimes be a little crude especially in an online comic.
A funny comic can have a really off the wall main character like Sponge Bob for example. A big following in the industry are graphic novels. These usually contain a stand alone story and the art is most likely very detailed. A very old term for comic books was
“Funnies”, this term is very dated and not heard too often.
Webcomics are interesting and draw the reader into an ongoing story line.
A webcomic can be easily subscribed to and the comic art contained usually is a digital cartoon.
The new comics people view online contain many original cartoon characters. Sometimes the web artists try to promote their characters and art.
These promotional webtoons can boost their comic sales.
In the Sunday comics, the cartoonist who draws a newspaper comic can capitalize on their cartoon character. Peanuts or Garfield are big money makers on products such as mugs, t-shirts and posters.
When I want to sell my comics, I prefer to create them custom rather then on spec.
Artists creating indie comics for example, are working mostly on spec when trying to sell their books after they self publish.
For those who collect comics, an indie comic can be just a waste of money. They would prefer spending money on popular characters like Batman or Superman.
Some comic forums will discuss new titles and create a buzz for a new character.
Monthly comic guides offer info on new titles as well. Most books have a sci-fi, action or superhero theme.
Funny stuff such as Mad Magazine continues to sell well.
A comic forum can have funny stories about the bullpens where comics are created. A bullpen is a group of artists and writers.
The comics forum online, follow all the new talent that is published.
Many funny images are sketched by an artist freehand then inked and colored.
Popular strips have been Cathy, Sally Forth, Mutts, BC, Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts and Blondie. A syndicate is a company that provides a cartoonist with many venues of exposure of the strip. Syndicates promote the cartoon and try to sell it to as many newspapers, magazines and websites as possible.