Our Company offers:

How to Draw Cartoons Workshop  and How to draw Caricatures Workshop

In this how to draw cartoons workshop, we make the serious, fun and fantastic. Learning How to draw caricatures and cartoons is made easy. This is a great idea for student enrichment and hands on learning with a professional cartoonist. Children will learn cartooning techniques and caricature techniques. A professional cartoonist works and demonstrates drawing live. Our teachers have been working cartoonists for over 10 years. Learn about subjects such as, animation art, comic book art, comic strip art and caricature art techniques. There will be lots of fun activities to entertain as well as enrich all students.

Our activities offered can be for the novice beginner to the more advanced art students. Projects include working with general shapes. We can create a comic book using the children’s drawings. Children create their own illustrations for greeting cards and advertisements. This kids cartooning class is available for schools, camps, summer camps, after school programs, private schools, school enrichment programs, adult schools, colleges, universities, church groups, synagogues, libraries, and scout groups.

Programs are available from 1 day to 10 weeks. Your PTA coordinator can get in touch with us about any questions you might have. We can provide cartoonists for private lessons as well. We offer NY cartoon lessons, and NJ cartoon lessons.

Our artists are available to travel to teach anywhere. Travel fees will vary for cartooning classes. New York cartoon classes and New Jersey cartoon classes are subject to cartoon instructor’s availability.

How to Draw Caricatures Workshop

A how-to caricature workshop teaches the basics forms of caricature. This is a fun and entertaining way to study caricature. We create celebrity drawings of famous people. The way to learn caricature is with practice. It can take many years to develop ones own style. We have many tips and tricks to offer beginners that want to study cartooning. The instructor will discuss the tools used to create professional looking illustrations. A brief history of the field as well as note table figures in the profession.

How to Draw Political Cartoons Workshop

We also provide specific classes in political cartooning.
The political cartoon class provides a creative and interesting way to approach hands off subjects in current events. We take subjects that are negative and create a humorous twist in order to make others think about the issue. Editorial drawings serve as a great learning tool for school social study classes.
Providing a historical overview of the trade from it’s beginnings to present day. A look an artists from Benjamin Franklin’s “Join or Die” to Thomas Nast’s Boss Tweed. We take a skewed look at politicians and leaders of today and of the past. Taboo subjects can have a major negative twist. So be aware that today’s current world news stories may contain subject matter very serious. Topics can be related to war, political unrest, and environmental disasters. This should be for middle school students and up.

You can combine any of the above work shops.

You can also have the caricaturist sketch the students at an additional charge.